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Why Pics?


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words...


We help thousands of folks get Macs.. Soldiers, students, senators, seniors, soccer moms, you name it...Everybody loves their Mac.


Over the years, there's ONE question we get asked, repeatedly: "Do you have a picture of it?"


We agree. You SHOULD be able to see THE Mac that you're buying. After all, who would buy a used car without first seeing it?


So we did it!


We have a studio in our warehouse, just off the refurb shop. Every system gets its own little tag, then we put it on the stand and snap some pics.


It's that simple. No photochopping, no fancy stuff - just a camera on a tripod, with 3 or 4 pics of your Mac. We want you to see what you're buying. How simple is that?


You get to browse our site, pick out the Mac you want, let us configure it how you'd like, and then we'll ship it right out to you!


We like things simple. No muss, no fuss.. What you see is what you get.


Got questions? We're just a phone call away. None of that annoying "send an email" -- we'll help you figure out exactly which Mac fits your needs. Ring us, and let's get a Mac in your hands!

Call us! Toll-free: 877-622-7795