iBook G4 1.0ghz M9426LL/A 12.1"
iBook G4 1.0ghz M9426LL/A 12.1"
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Specs & Options

System RAM Upgrade (installed and guaranteed)

Additional Accessories:

iBook • 1.0ghz • G4 • 512 MB RAM • 40 GB Hard Drive

Aesthetic Condition Grade: 7  (see Grading Chart)

For the casual home user who simply needs a system for email, word processing, and perhaps some minimal web browsing, the iBook G4 is an economical and portable option to consider. The predecessor to the MacBook, the iBook G4 comes in speeds ranging from 800mhz to 1.42ghz, and is available with either a 12” or 14” screen. (Please note: this system is neither upgradeable to the latest Mac operating system nor compatible with Intel-only software.)

iBooks are great for kids and young students--with options for wifi, they're great for minimal web access and email.

Don't plan on using one for video editing, however; they're going to be a bit on the weak side.

The G4 iBooks from 1-1.42ghz will perform well on OSX 10.5 (Leopard), and will handle almost any school homework, email, and basic web browsing. They won't handle higher powered java or youtube, but can be used fine for basic HTML viewing and email.

We recommend getting upgraded to at least 1gb of RAM, and running OSX 10.5. Also, consider a TimeMachine drive (Firewire is best option for an iBook) - -a backup system of any sort is an essential item for any Mac!!

What's in the box?

  • Package includes laptop with battery, power charger/adaptor, and backup of the OS.

Please take a moment to look at the photos on this page - they are of this specific system and show its condition, so you can see THE EXACT MAC you're buying!

Used System Specifications:

Apple iBook G4 (Early 2004)

  •  Processor:  1.0ghz  G4

  •  Display:  12.1”    1024 x 768

  •  RAM:  512 MB

  •  Hard Drive:  40GB

  •  Optical Drive:  Combo

  •  OS System:  10.5

  •  System Model:   iBook

  •  Apple Part #:  M9426LL/A

  •  Case Color :   White

  •  Case Style:  A1054

  •  EAN:  0718908612354

  •  Type of System:   Portables

  •  Availability:  In Stock in SC

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