Macbook CoreDuo 1.83ghz MA254LL/A 13.3"
Macbook CoreDuo 1.83ghz MA254LL/A 13.3"
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Specs & Options

Upgrade your HDD to a larger drive (OS will be installed)

System RAM Upgrade (installed and guaranteed)

Battery Upgrade: get a new battery instead of the original.

Additional Accessories:

Macbook • 1.83ghz • CoreDuo • 1 GB RAM • 80 Hard Drive

Aesthetic Condition Grade: 6  (see Grading Chart)

The best-selling Macintosh in history, the MacBook is arguably Apple's most iconic notebook computer. Featuring portability, versatility and a forgiving price range the MacBook easily rises to the occasion for most casual users.

Looking for a system for your high school student's homework? Curious about last weekend's football scores? This system is perfect for word processing and basic web browsing.

We highly recommend adding the max RAM to a system of this era (2gb on this system) - - it makes a tremendous difference in terms of performance and long-term use.

Other considerations: you should also consider getting a TimeMachine hard drive (if you don't already have a good backup strategy), as getting your data back is critical, in case of calamity. We stock various portable external drives (USB, network based, or Firewire), and we'll be happy to help!

If you have questions about this or any systems questions, please give us a call!

Grade 6 MacBook with 13.3” screens--we have dozens of these in stock, so to save you the hassle of sorting through individual listings, we're offering these at at special discounted price! Photos are not system-specific, but grading is based on our standard aesthetic scale.

Please note these are scuffed and have minor chips - look at the photos of comparable units to get an idea. The system is warranted just like ALL our Macs, so if you're ok with minor blemishes, this is a bargain!

What's in the box?

  • Ships in custom laptop box: includes Macbook, charger/adaptor, and a backup of the OS.

This is a listing of units which we have in large bulk. We grade based on our standard grading chart, but we're saving you time & money by offering this way.

Used System Specifications:

Apple MacBook (13-inch)

  •  Processor:  1.83ghz  CoreDuo

  •  Display:  13.3”  Glossy  1280 x 800

  •  RAM:  1 GB

  •  Hard Drive:  80 

  •  Optical Drive:  Combo

  •  OS System:  10.5

  •  System Model:   Macbook

  •  Apple Part #:  MA254LL/A

  •  Case Color :   White

  •  Case Style:  A1181

  •  Type of System:   Portables

  •  Availability:  In Stock in SC

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