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Shipping & Returns

How fast do we ship? We make every attempt to ship your order the SAME DAY we receive it. This isn't always possible, but we do our best. If there is an additional delay, you should be contacted within a short time period.


We ship all continental US purchases via FEDEX or USPS (your choice). International shipments (also HI & AK) will be shipped either FEDEX or USPS, at our discretion. General shipping is $5 - 19, depending on the size, weight, and value of your purchase.
APO/AE (active military) - thank you for your service. We automatically upgrade all APO/AE shipments to Priority, to get it to you faster. It's the least we can do, and yes, we really do mean that, sincerely. Thanks.

If you have questions about your shipping costs, simply "Add to Cart", then when you've added ALL the items you want, click the "Checkout" button (lower right corner of the Shopping Cart). You will be able to use the handy dandy shipping calculator there.
Laptops are generally $5-15, depending of course on weight, size, value, and speed of delivery. Our shopping cart will automatically calculate shipping at the time of checkout, and will show you the charges before you pay.
All Fedex shipments are tracked, and you will receive an email from our server the day it is shipped, which will include your shipping & tracking information.


International shipping is either via the USPS or via FEDEX. Additional charges are incurred on all international orders, due to the extra paperwork & time required for packaging and shipping of international orders. International shipments MAY incure customs/Duane/zoll fees & taxes; these are outside the control of Wegener Media, and are the responsibility of the receiver.
WM requires insurance on ALL returned items. WM does not guarantee insurance replacement, though we will make every attempt to help you get insurance claims met. Claims are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you have a signature release on file with shipping companies, WM will not be responsible for your item, period. This includes DOA items as well as damaged items (we recommend you NOT have signature release).


Wegener Media accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of, missuse, or abuse of any item purchased. Wegener Media products are not intended for life-threatening use or critical applications. WM shall not be responsible for failure of equipment nor complications arising from failure, beyond replacement or refund of the purchase price of equipment.

Please understand: we do NOT try to sell defunct stuff--that's what we use dumpsters for. Occasionally something will die.. Please call or email about any issues--we'll do our best to help you!

Shipping & Returns

Items lost in shipping shall be between the client and the shipping company. Please insure shipments!! We do not cover your data losses, though we DO make every effort to ensure the security of your data. Any items lost or damaged will be covered at replacement value only. We will do what we can to aid you in your claim, but we cannot be responsible for problems beyond our control. Receipts and proof of value are generally necessary for any claim process.
We reserve the right to use our own boxing for shipping of laptops. Experience has taught us that the manufacturers' shipping boxes are sometimes inadequate, and some are also so large as to incur additional charges for shipping. If you wish to use your original box for shipping, it must be stated before shipping, and it will incur up to $25 extra in shipping charges.Fedex, and the USPS all offer boxing at free or greatly reduced rates: we suggest that you ask for these items when making your shipment. If you need us to provide boxing, we will be glad to do so, and can have a box delivered to you for pickup of your laptop, at a reasonable rate.

Items returned without verbal or written return authorization shall not be eligible for refund, and the purchaser shall be responsible for shipping costs. Items returned beyond 30 days after purchase shall not be eligible for refund. Items returned without authorization shall be sold for storage costs after 30 days if purchaser does not claim them. This is without exception.
Wegener Media will refund the purchase price of non-damaged items returned (1) with authorization, (2) in good working condition, (3) delivered according to our policy stated, minus a 15% restocking fee. Wegener Media will not refund shipping charges, insurance, or other fees. Customized installations or customized projects are eligible for refund only at the discretion of Wegener Media, and at the monetary value assigned to them by Wegener Media.

Non-defective product returns of in-stock items may be accepted for store credit within 20 days of purchase only at seller's discretion, and are subject to a 20% restocking fee ($20 minimum). Under extraordinary circumstances, non-defective product returns of in-stock items may be accepted for cash refunds within 7 days of purchase at seller's discretion only, and are subject to a 30% restocking fee ($30 minimum). Items returned as defective but found to be non-defective are subject to a 20% bench test fee ($20 minimum) and all shipping charges.